Civettaio produces high quality organic wines in Tuscan Maremma, with DOC or IGT certifications. The wines are both from 100% Sangiovese or 100% Vermentino or blended (Sangiovese, Cabernet, and Merlot). All of the wines are certified organic.

The vineyards cover 8 hectares, five planted with Sangiovese, the rest with Vermentino, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.
The training system is bi-lateral guyot, at a height of around 60 cm. from the ground with a density of 5000 plants per hectare. The yield per hectare is about 5.000 kg of grapes – one kg per plant.
The work of the soil, pruning and weed control are strictly organic, done only with mechanic means or manually. In July there is a grape thinning to keep the yield per plant at about one kilo.
Grapes are harvested manually and immediately brought to the cellar. The cellar is in the center of the estate; here the grapes are pressed and vinified.
Fermentation takes place in big oak barrels – 4.000/ 5.000 liters – and part in stainless steel with natural methods like the use of indigenous yeasts, and the natural malolactic fermentation.
The red wines age in big oak casks before being bottled. Wines are not filtered.
The first harvest was 2003. The yearly production is around 30.000 bottles.
The harvest and winemaking, done with natural methods and with a minimum intervention in the cellar, allow the production of “natural” and “clean” wines that retain as much as possible the flavours of the grape and express faithfully the terroir they come from.