My name is Gregorio Dell’Adami de Tarczal.
I have lived in Maremma since the 10thof June 2001, the day of my 40thbirthday.
I have planted and grown vines and olive trees.
I have reconstructed a magnificent estate. I have changed my life.
Il Civettaio is the result of my passion, of my efforts, and of my hard work.
It will be an immense pleasure to share it with you, strolling between the vineyards and the olive groves, admiring the blue sky, the green forests and olive trees, between the sweet scent of gorse, lavender, and Mediterranean flora.
This is the essence of Civettaio
This is the essence of Maremma Toscana.












Live into the fascinating past without sacrificing comfort and without hurting the environment.











Relax into the sunset’s light, enjoy the spectacular view, feel the smell of fresh grass, while savoring traditional dishes of the Tuscan cuisine paired wit the wines and olive oil of Civettaio.