Organic – Igt Toscana Vermentino

Planted in Cessa del Civettaio with a density of 5050 plants per hectare, this white wine is produced with only Vermentino grapes. The harvest time is generally the second half of September; the grapes are picked when the berries are amber.
The grapes are typical grapes from Maremma with a nice deep yellow color. After the crushing it ferments without skins at low temperature of 17 degrees with indigenous yeast. The fermentation takes generally 20/25 days. After some racking it is bottled at the beginning of March.

The color is a luminous peach yellow. The nose reveals fresh scents of pear and exotic fruit.
Pleasant to drink, fresh and delicately flavored, savory with an elegant texture.
It pairs well with appetizers, pasta, poultry and other white meats, flans and mixed salads.
With just 12.5% ABV it is an excellent aperitif or companion to a light meal.