Extra virgin olive oil

Civettaio’s Olive Groves are divided in 3 plots planted at different times- 1985 and beginning 2000 – for a total of about 1.000 trees.

The varieties are the typical Maremma’s Correggiolo, Frantoio and Olivastra Seggianese.
The cultivatios happens in policonic vase, with cutting taking place every two years.
The very high quality of Il Civettaio’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is due to the unique location of the property, with its vicinity to the coast, its exceptional microclimate with high level of sunshine, and low level of rain, the optimal exposure and height of the olive groves.
The production is strictly organic, certified by ICEA.
The olives are manually picked; we lay the nets under the trees and, after picking, we stove the olives in little boxes of 20 kg. We bring the boxes immediately to the Frantoio (olive oil mill) where they are crushed with cold pressing. The cold pressing is done in a continuous cycle.
This ensure a high-quality product and give richness and flavor to our oil.
Generally, 100 kg of olive gives 13 liters of oil.